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Luna and Sole


Sole, Italian for ‘sun’, pursues the idea of creativity through the use of natural light.

Fusing a perception of the built environment with the natural landscape, Sole offers a structure that seems to float, despite its solidity. Canopies of strong materials appear to levitate, while the building in its entirety sits elevated, perching itself above the Brighton Croquet Club and offering unobstructed views of Bayside and beyond. Plentiful outdoor balcony spaces are created with the incorporation of alcoves into the facade, providing a garden environment and offering an innate sense of privacy to residents.

While having their own identity, Sole and Luna work in symbiosis to offer two seperate addresses that ultimately come together as one.

Specifically tailored for those who appreciate the finer things in life, Luna celebrates craftsmanship and design beyond its distinctly mckimm facade. Containing only seven luxury apartments, including one stand alone penthouse, Luna delivers residences that are without compromise on luxury, functionality or design.

Luna, Italian for ‘moon’, explores the idea of design through twilight and pays homage to the journey of natural light through every hour of the day. From the street, the facade of Luna is typified by the strength of its dark, low-maintenance and robust materials. Bluestone cladding melds with the lineal accuracy and customised detailing of Zincalume steel folds and striking feature brickwork offers a contrast and a connection to the neighbouring Sole building.

Property TypeProject
Address31-39 Male Street, Brighton
Description19 Dwellings

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